In the Footprint of the City

About In the Footprint of the City

In the Footprint of the City is a three-part documentary series that chronicles the agricultural connection, both past and present, within metropolitan Los Angeles. 

Part 1: "Hidden History" is a travelogue and commentary illustrating the rise and demise of our nation's once richest agricultural area: the Los Angeles Basin. 

Part 2: "The Urban Ploughshares." Nestled within the urban fabric are hundreds of working farms and nurseries trying to survive an encroaching environment. The success of these city farmers depends not only on the discretions of nature, but they must also contend with the hard realities of urban life, such as land and water issues, pollution, crime, and economic fluctuations. Their stories represent the continuing link to the farming past, present and future of Los Angeles. 

Part 3: "The Seeds of Urban Change" deals primarily with progressive programs and policies that are supplying fresh foods and farming into urban areas. It also voices the debate on disappearing farmland.